• Because online dating doesn't work for everyone 



  • The Problem With Online Dating

    Let The Numbers Speak for Themselves


    Person you need to worry about with The Organic Method of Dating (You)

    3 Dates

    Number People Say It Takes To Know If Someone Is Worth Dating Again

    71 Minutes

    Per Day A Single Person Spends Attached To Their Phone For Online Dating

    1-2 People

    You Know Who Met Their Life Partner Online

    2000 People

    Average Person Knows In Their Personal Network (1 out of 2000 = 0.0005%*... Not a Good Sign) 

    100% Success

    For People Who Fully Complete & Finish The Organic Method of Dating Program

    12 Dates

    Average A Single Person Goes on Before Finding a Quality Match

    31 hours

    Amount of Time a Single Person Wastes on Online Dating Per Month They'll Never Get Back


    Percentage of Dating Profiles Confirmed To Be Fake or Scam

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  • What We Do

    We Specialize in Helping Frustrated and Stuck Singles

    Get Relationship Ready

    If You Were Ready, You Would Be In a Relationship!

    The thousands of singles we have spoken to over the years have told us, "I'm ready! I am doing everything I can!" But after we speak to them, we help them see there are things that are absolutely preventing them from being "Relationship Ready". These are changes anyone can make and we know once you do, they lead to attracting a great partner naturally.

    Learning The Laws of Magnetism

    Now That You're Ready, Let's Find Them... Naturally!

    Once you are "Relationship Ready" then you'll start meeting people more suited to you, organically. You'll find yourself having exciting new experiences. You'll begin to understand why you have met the kinds of people you have in the past and had the kinds of relationships you've been having. This will start to give you back control in your dating life.

    Mastering The Dynamics of Attraction

    Master Control Over Your Own Inner Magnet

    By this point, you've started to enjoy the new experiences you've been having and satisfied you're now meeting the kinds of people you've been wanting to meet. Now, what if you could have the ultimate person you've been dreaming of? You can. Attraction is a science of understanding magnetism. We've found our dream partners, our legacy partners, our more than ideal partners. The question is, would you like to?

  • What It's Not

    In Case You're Wondering

    It's Not Online Dating

    More and more people are acknowledging that online dating doesn't really work. Worse, "it feels like a part time job," "its inauthentic" and "it doesn't lead to lasting relationships" as reported by thousands of singles.

    It's Not Matchmaking

    With the average matchmaker costing $10,000 or more, there is no guarantee that they can provide the results you want. Often there is no personal touch, as a computer compiles your matches based on a numerical compatibility system.

  • Who Created It?

    The Organic Method of Dating was created by Advanced Singles Coach, Michael Santonato. After working with thousands of frustrated and stuck singles in their 30's, 40's and 50's, he realized online dating wasn't working for most of them. Utilizing a method he perfected over four years, he used the method in his life to attract a great partner naturally. Throughout that time, Michael met many wonderful partners easily & effortlessly, having loving, fulfilling relationships filled with great intimacy, communication, affection, harmony, respect, and integrity. However, he was looking for someone to create his legacy with. Michael perfected his method and expanded it over time, publishing multiple books in the process. And that's when he met his life partner, the woman he'd always dreamed of, Jessica Louise Li. The two of them are being called "An Authentic, True-To-The-Name Power Couple". They travel with three children and are also the creators of "The Sensational Sex Seminar."

  • What Is It &

    How Does It Work?

     Consider This To Help You Create The Relationship You Want

    Not Just a Method of Dating... 

    A Method of Living and Learning...

    By now, you're wondering what The Organic Method of Dating is exactly.


    Thank you so much for being interested. We're excited to tell you.


    The Organic Method of Dating is a series of programs you take that teach you (Via audio and video modules as well as exercises), how to attract a great partner, the right kind of partner you really want to be with. It does this by teaching you the core principles of magnetism that operate beyond our senses. (This isn't PUA. We don't agree with that stuff.)


    You actually become more magnetic and attractive

    by learning more about yourself.



    By taking a deeper look into what you believe, what your experiences have been and what messages you are sending the opposite sex and re-aligning them for success, you will understand what changes you need to make, and we'll guide you through making them easily. And those changes result in attracting the right partner naturally.


    The program works.


    Its not a book. Its not some made up scheme or scam. It really works.


    It's based off of hundreds of single people, thousands of hours of research and many, many days working with real single people just like you.


    Its practical. Its simple. Its easy to understand. And almost anyone can do it.


    Almost. Its not for everyone. Its for people who want to understand how to live better lives, be better people, and have amazing, fulfilling relationships. Its great for people who want answers to the questions, "Why am I attracting this person?" Or "How come I'm not attracting anyone?"


    We'll be honest with you: The Organic Method of Dating works best for professional females with little or some relationship experience between age 30 and 50, who have an interest in growth and development and learning more about themselves. Smart women who live active social lives, who also enjoy time with their friends and reside in a major city really get the most out of our programs.


    If this is you, there is a great likelihood that you will have the success you want. It may take a few months or a few lessons. The results vary from person to person. But "If you want your life to change, you have to change things in your life."


    We'd love to work with you and we know we can help you. The truth is, the choice is yours and you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If you're reading this right now, you are single and you probably have been for some time. And you deserve more. You deserve to be with someone amazing, someone who lights you up, someone who you are excited to meet and be with, and we can help in that department.


    "I have learned from this course that you attract the reflection of yourself and I am learning how to become a better and more positive person as a result. Plus, I have learned to be happy on my own which is something I couldn't do before. I don't need anyone and I will be more decisive about who I choose to get in a relationship with."

    -Female Participant, February 2016.



  • Who Is The Organic Method of Dating For?

    Newly Single People

    If You Recently Became Single

    For people who just became single or are just getting out of a relationship. You want your next one to be a great one or be the right one that you spend the rest of your life with, The Organic Method of Dating will help you get there.

    Long Time Singles

    If You've Been Single For More Than 2 Years

    For people who have been single for a long period of time. You want to be in a great relationship but for one reason or another you haven't found someone to have a great relationship, The Organic Method of Dating will help you find out why and more.

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