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Do You Suffer From This Deadly Dating Disease?

If you’re someone that walks through life with a pessimistic view, it makes it pretty hard to have healthy relationships. Dating with a negative mindset is a recipe for disaster and unless you stop seeing the glass half empty, you’re never going to have the relationship you desire.

The sad thing is, no matter how hard anyone tries to help you or how much insightful wisdom you have, people who suffer from UPNV (“Unnecessary, Pessimistic and Negative View of Life") sometimes just can’t be helped.

UPNV can happen to the best of us and chances are you probably know quite a few people who are in your company as well. You spend more time thinking about what could go wrong than what could go right and right about now, you might just notice this reflecting in your relationships.

It’s the people suffering from UPNV that are the ones who are most resistant to change. I’m talking resistant with a capital R. If you just so happen to be one of them, there’s something you should know. The U in UPNV stands for unnecessary, which means this view of life is completely pointless. Who wants to go through life thinking the worst about every situation?

Everything you think is not necessarily real in reality. Everything in reality is actually a choice we have made at some point in our life. And every choice you make dramatically alters your future. This includes your dating future as well. The best thing about this is that it’s all up to you. When you take control of your dating future & relationships, you put the power back in your hands.

As a relationship author, speaker and coach, I talk to single people every day. Most of the people I talk to are fairly positive and have an optimistic outlook on the future. 

I’m around single people every day who want to find a great partner and keep a great relationship. Thank goodness four out of five of these people are willing and ready to invest in themselves to change their situation for the better.

These are the people I love to work with. These are the people that don’t suffer from UPNV. These are the people who ultimately get what they want out of life and are happier for it.

I recently spoke with a lovely woman named Chantal from Montreal. Chantal is one of the people in the four out of five category who does not suffer from UPNV. I will never forget what she said to me. In a voice of someone who had recently found her power she said, “I’ve been telling myself for far too long that it’s hard to meet people. Forever I’ve believed ‘odds are I won’t find someone who can love me.’ What’s worse is I’ve believed it all these years like it’s completely real! Even worse, I’ve been telling other people the same, and they believe me too! But I’m done with that now. I know its all in my beliefs and I want to change that today.”

Chantal was open to change and signed on to use our process of attracting the right partner naturally called The Organic Method of Dating. Chantal is quickly learning to use her power and is realizing that by changing her thoughts she is literally changing her dating future. 

Are you ready to be open to change like Chantal? It is the expression of our mission to help people everywhere see that they can make the positive changes that lead to lasting fulfilling relationships. It is these changes that are necessary to fulfill your desire for a healthy and lasting relationship.

Finding a great partner is important to everyone and is something that is absolutely possible. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to finding a great partner and keeping a great relationship then we're excited to hear from you. Click below to subscribe and start the conversation with us so we can help you get on the path toward the love you deserve.

And ditch that deadly dating disease once and for all!

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